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Home · Photo Gallery Home · Adult Sales List 2017 · Breeds List · Breed Selection Tips · Duckling WE SHIP ADULT BIRDS throughout the United States via insured Express Mail. Geese. Utility Breeder Quality. Show Breeder Quality. Show Quality Embden, White, $60.00, $95.00, $125.00-$250.00, Phone or E- mail.

Adult Price List · Gosling Price List. White Embden Gander -- "Mountain Mama's Dream". This tall, massive gander has classic Embden size and conformation.

Embden geese are the most common breed raised for meat production. As adults, however, both sexes are pure white and the only way you can determine.

Our high-quality Giant White Embden geese are purebred Embdens, unlike common Embden-White Chinese crosses. Geese are vegetarian grazers and live .