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P.S. your writing totally reminds me of Dragons Feast, its this really great Draco/ Hermione fanfic with hot sex scenes, just like your stuff but personallu your.

Just than, cutting off her words, Draco Malfoy strolled into the carriage. Just the . It was all she could think about on the way to Hogwarts and through the feast.

Only she needs his help with a mysterious case of missing dragon eggs, muggle involvement, a mole at the ministry and a . Written for the 2019 Strictly Dramione Valentine's Day Smut Fest. Rated MA for adult content, over 18s only.

Very graphic, Adult language, violence may occur .. the one she set her sights on is already occupied by a certain sexy Dragon Tamer. . Written for Reylo Fic Recs Fest on Facebook. Originally written for 2018 Strictly Dramione Smut Fest .