Mechanical and sensory testing of overfilled breast implants. - how much can you overfill a breast implant?


Overfilling Breast Implants how much can you overfill a breast implant?

How much more can you over fill a saline implant past the maximum fill I also don't mind firmness because I have a lot of natural breast tissue.

How much can you overfill a saline implant?? 10-06-2011 04:43 PM by ~♥Chelle ♥~. Hi girls, I'm going to ask my PS about putting in some more cc's to my.

Objective: We sought to evaluate the effect of overfilling or underfilling implants on Conclusions: Saline-filled breast implants can be safely filled far beyond.

Overfilled breast implants can be firmer and perkier than normal, but may Overfilled breast implants are one method of achieving a particular look and feel A doctor's experience will guide them in determining how much filler solution to use.