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Designed by Ted Blackburn in 1964. The Blackburn trigger guard bow profile is recognized as a trademark and the sign of a true custom gun. This profile has.

replacing mauser bottom metal #6115414 01/31/12. Joined: Apr 2011 I've used a few Blackburn units and really like them. The trigger bow is very unique and.

Replacement Bottom Metal for FN Mauser? Ted Blackburn made very nice ones, but even more than a Grisel/Sunnyhill I've got Sunny Hill bottom metal on a couple of my rifles but the investment in the 300 H&H is close to.

Rifles BY DAVID E. PETZAL Nothing but Nosier THE GREAT BULLET MAKERS a barrel by Bill Wiseman, bottom metal by Ted Blackburn, and a guarantee that it will That action cycled over 4 million rounds before it needed replacement.