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ThunderStruck Motors - Currie Thumb Throttle awi 5k ohm thumb throttle

5k Ohm Throttles fit the Charly electric scooter, eGo electric scooter, Lashout electric scooters and AWI® 5k Ohm Thumb Throttle with 3-Terminal Connector.

Here's an example - http://www.ebay.com/itm/E-bike-Thumb-Th.. AWI® 5k Ohm Thum Throttle is one of the best on the market, but needs.

Domino Twist-Grip Throttle 0-5k ohm Electric Motorcycle Scooter Bicycle Outboard Finger Thumb Speed Throttle for Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter W5M0.

The Currie Thumb Throttle fits on standard 7/8" handle bar and uses a 0-5k ohm potentiometer output to your controller. Red-High. Brown-Wiper. Orange-Low.